Why Should You Insulate Existing Walls

Posted on July 2nd, 2014

Insulating Your Walls Most homeowners know that insulating the attic is necessary. What might not be known is that insulating existing walls can have just as many benefits. Insulation services like IES Foam in Pittsburgh, PA can fill walls in the home with spray foam. Spray foam is a modern type of insulation that is […]

Types of Insulation

Posted on June 12th, 2014

Insulation That is Best For You Insulation is used in all kinds of buildings, whether private homes or businesses. The purpose of it is to lower costs of energy by keeping heat in during the winter and excessive heat out when the weather is hot. There are several different kinds of insulation that can be […]

The Benefits of Foam Insulation

Posted on May 17th, 2014

Foam Insulation is Great for Your Home When in the market for insulation services, consumers have a number of different choices when choosing which material to use. However, there are many benefits of foam insulation that make it the best choice for both residential and commercial buildings. Understanding these benefits can help a person to […]

Your Choice for Insulation in Pittsburgh

Posted on April 13th, 2014

Spray Foam Insulation for Pittsburgh and Surrounding Communities The invisible tug-of-war battle between home heating and the outside elements is a no contest win for a Pennsylvania Winter, especially when the installed insulation isn’t up to the task. Old farmhouse style homes typically have major air leakage, while Victorian homes possess wonderful structural strength but […]

Open-Cell Spray Foam is a Good, Energy Efficient Alternative

Posted on March 5th, 2014

Open-Cell Spray Foam, and the Benefits Open-cell spray foam is a highly energy-efficient product used by residential and commercial buyers. Spray foam is a good insulator that prevents air leaks so that you spend less on energy bills. Look for a high R-value on this product that indicates the level of insulation. Learn more about […]

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